klassenumfrage.de is proud to offer you a large number of features when it comes to creating surveys. We have many templates from which you can choose. Please click on our templates page to find out more about them.

own survey

If you are more interested in creating your own survey, we are her to help you do that. We can provide any type of assistance you need to build you the best survey. Once you create an account with us and log in, creating a survey is easy as following simple steps. We walk you through the entire process.

You must give your survey a name, so you might want to think about that before you begin the process. You want it to make sense to your survey topic. From there, you can select questions to add to your survey. They range from simple, easy questions to incredibly complex. You are able to edit any question that you see to make it your own and to specifically match your survey. From here, you can send your survey via email by entering email addresses. You can edit the body of the email that will go to those you've selected. Creating your survey can be that simple, or you can check out some of our more advanced features to make your survey more robust.


common questions

We have standard, common questions. These questions are created as a result of the most commonly asked questions across thousands of surveys. You can simply and quickly add them to your survey. We offer you themes to your surveys. This gives your survey a professional look when individuals are responding to it.

We offer real time reporting to give you up to date reports, trends, and analysis of your survey feedback. This can provide you the opportunity to make changes on the fly. You can also track individuals and see their specific responses. You can filter the way you see your data. You can see only specific portions of it at a time, depending on your specific needs. You can filter by response, time and date, or any other variable.

Our surveys are compatible with mobile devices, so individuals can answer your survey questions at a time and in a way that is convenient for them. They can respond on smart phones, tablets, and laptops. This allows you to capture people on the go, which gives you a higher chance of getting responses.

All of our surveys can be customized to include the logo and branding of your company or organization. All surveys can be customized to include any text that you wish to make the survey specific to you. You are able to upload your contacts into our interface so that you can manage and easily access them.

One feature we offer is polling surveys. This is a quick and easy way to allow individuals to answer your survey questions without taking too much of their time.

We offer you a global password feature so that you can encrypt your surveys with a password to ensure all the data that is collected is safe and secure. The system also sends reminders emails to those who have not yet answered the survey questions. It gives them a gentle nudge so you can get as many responses as possible. It is automated so you will not have to take the time to do it yourself.

Our surveys quickly and easily integrate with popular social media channels like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows effortless access to your survey.

If there is a feature that you would like to add to your survey, please contact us and we can work with you to fulfill all of your survey needs. We would love the chance to help you create the optimum survey for your needs.